Change History





16th July 2007

Supports Java 1.5 Syntax


14th Jan 2007

Removed Obfuscated code and released as open source.



You can now run multiple Ant Tasks within the same file without the source output getting mixed. Spotted by Just van den Broecke


15th May 2003

(Internal changes only)


28th April 2003

No Changes


23rd April 2003

Added Ant Support, recommended by numerous users.



Fixed -jd command line option problem. Spotted by Cal Holman



Changed the Java2HTML API to support Ant.



Removed references to the deprecated -dir option.


23rd Feb 2002

(Internal changes only)


22nd Feb 2003

Fixed 'null' bug when no JavaDoc option was set



Added -simple option


2nd Feb 2003

default.index.html replaces .index.html, Raised by Tanguy PERENNOU



Moved Java2HTML to an ANT based build script



Numerous changes to the internals of Jav2HTML. 



Ownership of Java2HTML Transferred to Polygon Enterprises



Better supports Integration with Ant



Published Java2HTML API.


25th Oct 2002

Expanded the lexical range of characters allowed for a java identifier, requested by Dirk Zoettl



Added ".java" to the header and changed the background colour.


15th Oct 2002

Footer/Header not correct for Netscape Browser



Now recognizes .super() method Calls. Spotted by  Jim Fisher.



Added Support for Java Version 1.4.



Fixed problem with /**/  when it appeared more than once within a file.



Fixed problem with use of \u9999. (This problem was originally fixed in an earlier version but got reintroduced)


2nd Feb 2002

Fixed some HTML output bugs, most importantly line number anchors were not being terminated with </A>. Spotted by a Peter Luschny, Markus.Schmidt and Andreas Schenk 



Changed the instructions on the front page so that 'this' in 'Text displayed like this represents', is in the same style as the actual links within Java Source. Thanks for  Christophe Laprun for pointing that out.



Operating System "new line" is now used in the generated stylesheet. Thanks again to Robert Biuk-Aghai for that.


11th Nov 2000

Fixed "Project" hyper text reference (top Right hand Corner) to refer to front.html instead of FRONT.HTML.


31st Oct 2000

Added Line Number Tags. So you can no use URL references such as,



Fixed typos in the j2h usage message. Thanks to Robert Biuk-Aghai of University of Technology, Sydney, for so kindly pointing that out. He also noted a few typos on this page which have also been fixed.



Deprecated the -dir option. Java2HTML now uses a superior (if what slower) two-parse mechanism.



Please note that ownership of Java2HTML has now been transferred to RiteLink Computing Limited.



Added j2h wrapper class.



Added -nh -nf options to remove Header and Footer.



Import lists in source now link to JavaDoc.



Package declaration in source now links to package frame.



Operating System "new line" is used throughout generated HTML, instead of hard coded DOS/NT new line.



Changed 'Package' to 'Packages' text in top left frame.



Fixed single line comment on last line parse failure bug, also spotted by Brad Wells.


17th Nov 1999

Output messages have been improved.



Catches Lexical Errors properly. Thanks to Jason King of Sun MicroSystems for pointing that out.



Added Meta "GENERATOR" Tag to all generated pages.


4th Nov 1999

Fixed typo on front.html.



Error message inserted into HTML output for Non Legal Java files.



class Foo {
  SomeObject thing = something;; // <-- Extra semi-colon

The extra semi-colon would generate a parse error. Not anymore. Thanks to Mike for spotting that. You're right Mike, even though it isn't Kosher Java, most of the compilers accept it.


27th Oct 1999

Returns exit code, for better integration with Scripting Languages. Requested by Kaze



Improved Line Number rendering. (Looks a lot better now)



Added more information to front.html.


5th Sept 1999

front.html now appears with white background on all mainstream browsers. (Accidentally not released in Version 1.0.1)



when using the -jd option with a single parameter it will now automatically convert the parameter into proper URL references in the JavaDoc links. (This can be done anyway using the second parameter). Requested by Anand Santhanam & David Karr, .



Java2HTML now deals with accented characters properly. Thanks to Gerald Pfarrand & Martin Desruisseaux for spotting that one.



Tidied up HTML generation in many places.



Added manifest file to j2h.jar. This allows Java 2 users to type, "java -jar j2h.jar". Thanks to Martin Desruisseaux for that.



interface A {
    class B {};  // <-- ';' is problematic

The above code would generate a parse error in Java2HTML. Not anymore. Thanks to Kang Pilsung for spotting that.


23rd Aug 1999

Fixed Java Source URL Reference now uses "/", instead of "\" which does not work with all mainstream browsers.



Added extra information in the usage description.


20th Aug 1999

front.html now appears with white background on all mainstream browsers. (See Version Change 1.0.3)



Fixed JavaDoc URL Reference, now uses "/", instead of "\" which does not work with all mainstream browsers.


19th Aug 1999